Week 8: workouts

A couple weeks ago, I wrote about my first interval workouts on the track (here and here).  Well, the following week I spent my mornings indoors battling a cold.  I wanted to be out on the track enjoying the workouts with Adam, but I needed to take it easy.  This past week I was feeling better, and finished two more interval workouts (on Tuesday and Thursday) – this time on the treadmills in the gym since it was raining both mornings.

Warming up before workouts has made a huge difference for me – the difference between burning out after ten minutes and holding strong (and getting stronger) throughout the workout.  Here’s how I’ve been warming up in the gym:

  • Warm up jog:  3/4 mile @ 5.3 mph
  • Drills (strides, high knees, butt kicks, skips, etc)

On Tuesday Adam and I ran on treadmills side by side in the gym and matched our intervals by time.  Each of the five sets were 4:00 minutes fast, followed by 1:30 minutes slow (I walked at 3.5 mph).  Here’s how they went:

  • 1-3:  6.6 mph (9:05 min/mile)
  • 4:  6.9 mph (8:42 min/mile)
  • 5:  7.2 mph (8:20 min/mile)

It felt like a solid workout.  I definitely didn’t push my limits, but I didn’t walk away feeling like I should have pushed harder.  It felt good.

On Wednesday, I took the opportunity to work in my new running shoes during an easy mile run – just enough to warm up so I could do some light stretching.  My legs always feel better when I remember to stretch the day after a good workout.  I did some yoga as well, but my wrist was hurting too much for the downward dog.  The wrist pain has come and gone over the last couple years – I thought it was due to weight lifting, but I’m starting to believe it has more to do with the way I type (something I’m working on now).

On Thursday (intervals day!!) Adam and I were back on the treadmills together (still in my old shoes).  It’s so much easier to finish the workout when he’s there.  It’s great.  After the usual warm up, we did three sets of longer intervals: 5:15 minutes fast and 2:15 minutes slow:

  • 1:  6.8 mph (8:50 min/mile)
  • 2:  7.0 mph (8:35 min/mile)
  • 3:  7.4 mph (8:06 min/mile)

I felt great after the workout, but by lunch time I had pains in my foot – in the arch, specifically.  I must have been too heavy on my feet during the intervals.  The muscles in my feet need to get stronger just like everything else.  Hopefully it doesn’t cause more trouble for me this next week.

Overall, it was a quiet week, but I’m happy with what I’ve done.  I would really like to find a good strength workout to do Monday, Wednesdays, and Friday to complement my running – something to look forward to for next week.  Wish me luck!