Week 18: workouts

This week was a busy one at work.  My goal for the week was to maintain my fitness for my first 5k race on the 27th.  Overall, I’m happy with how everything worked out.


I needed to get into the office early, so I settled for a quick 1.5 mile run from my apartment.  It was cool and lightly raining outside which would have felt great if I hadn’t overdressed.  The traffic seemed more harrowing than usual, probably because the highways were backed up, so people were using the side roads to get to work.  Add to this the slipperiness of the roads and I’ve officially decided I don’t like it when it rains.  After my run I made sure to stretch well and do my ab workout.


It was another rainy day, so Adam and I opted for the treadmills rather than the track.  The temperature was in the fifties which probably would have been too cold for the hour and a half we would have spent outside.  It had been a while since I’d been on the treadmill for an interval workout, so I wasn’t sure what I could handle.  The plan was five intervals of 4:00 on and 2:15 off.  At the pace I ran, this corresponded to about 800m intervals.  I ran the first four at 7.4mph (8:06 min/mile) and the last one at 7.8mph (7:42 min/mile).  Overall, I’d say this workout was moderately difficult.  As usual, we began with an 8:00 warm up with drills and finished with a 5:00 cool down and stretching.


On Wednesday I made my way back to the weight room for the first time in a short while.  I started with abs, then did the usual lifting routine.  I skipped the recumbent bike in favor of getting to work early.


It was my day off.


On Friday afternoon, I had to give a short speech for a building dedication on campus, so I knew I needed a good morning workout to calm my nerves.  Adam and I went to the track that morning so he could test his legs before his Sunday race.  I did the same and ran 2 miles at race pace, 8:23 min/mile.  I was pretty tired by that point, but I figured I could suffer through another mile at that pace on race day.  We’ll see!


Another busy day with no scheduled workout – just lots of chores and grading homework.


Adam had a race in Frederick that started at 7am, so I was up before 4am and on the road by 4:30am.  We arrived at 5:30am, and I promptly took a light nap while Adam did his thing.  I saw him off at the start before I ran back to the car to drop off the camera and head off on a run of my own.  I figured I’d have enough time to get six miles in before he finished the half marathon.  I managed only five miles since I crossed paths with the race course (by happy coincidence) and realized that if I wanted to see the winner, I’d need to be back early.  I also stopped for a few minutes to cheer for Adam on the course.  I had been to Frederick once before, but I never ventured past the Fairgrounds.  On my run I was able to see the downtown and a couple small parks, and it was beautiful.  The weather was great (sunny and chilly enough for a long-sleeved shirt and shorts) and the town was charming.  Adam had a great race and set yet another PR.  What more could I ask for?  Overall, I finished my 5 miles in 46:22 (9:16 min/mile) – not too shabby!