Week 22: workouts

Hello again!  It’s been a while.  (I’m writing this post a couple weeks late due to (1) general busyness and (2) excessive travel.)

Monday of this week I ran my first-ever race: the Special Operations Memorial Day 5k.  You can read my race report here.  Looking back on it, I have absolutely no idea how I finished in 25:14.  It was a wonderful race and it only left me a little sore for the rest of the day.

Tuesday was Adam’s day at the track and I decided to join him to see what I could handle on my sore legs and to provide moral support for his workout.  The planned workout was 8 x 600m with the usual 3/4 mile warm up with drills, but I only made it through 4 x 600m before my legs forced me to stop.  Overall I was very happy with the effort.  The rest time was 1:30-1:40 between intervals.  Here were my times for the 600m:

  • 2:38  (7:04 min/mile)
  • 2:44  (7:20 min/mile)
  • 2:49  (7:33 min/mile)
  • 2:48  (7:31 min/mile)

On Wednesday I took a little 30 minute walk through our neighborhood past the local shops that I don’t get to see very often.  It’s much different early in the morning compared to late evening when I usually frequent the area.  I got a chance to stretch my legs and appreciate all the quirky little local shops just down the street.

Thursday was another track day, this time for 1000m and 200m intervals.  Even though it was early in the morning, it was incredibly hot and muggy.  I love warm weather, but Baltimore can get hot and the high humidity tends to make my asthma worse.  I always keep my inhaler with my while running and monitor my breathing to make sure it stays under control, so the asthma doesn’t stop me from running – it just makes it harder.  I did my 3/4 mile jog for warm up at 9 min/mile pace which is actually a little faster than I’m used to.  I think my pace has steadily been increasing over the weeks.  After the usual drills, I set out to do 4 x 1000m then 4 x 200m with 2:00-2:07 rest in between.  Here are my times for the 1000m:

  • 4:37  (7:27 min/mile)
  • 4:45  (7:39 min/mile)
  • 5:01  (8:04 min/mile)
  • 5:06  (8:12 min/mile)

I was feeling broken by the end of it, so I only made myself do two of the 200m intervals, in 49 and 53 seconds.  That workout was exhausting, but I don’t remember feeling broken the rest of the day, like I have in the past.  I found it interesting that during my track workouts this week my pace progressively became slower.  I’m more accustomed to picking up the pace as I go along.  My guess is that I’d just been more fatigued than usual going into these workouts.

I wanted to give my legs a rest (of a sort) so I joined Adam at Meadowbrook on Friday.  While he did his swimming intervals, I kept myself busy with the kickboard.  I managed to kick 1500m at a reasonable pace.  I thought about swimming a bit, but the 50m lanes are intimidating to me as a newbie swimmer.  Maybe next time.  Surprisingly, (to me, at least) my ankles were really sore from all the kicking.  I would be very happy to build up more strength in my lower legs, including my ankles, and it seems swimming would be a good way to do just that.

On Saturday I took the day off, and watched Adam’s last-minute 5k race on the Hopkins campus (which you can read about here).

Sunday was the usual long run, but with a new twist!  Adam’s sister, Abbey, joined us down at Boston Street for our run around the harbor.  Since the farthest Abbey’s run in the past was a 5k, we decided that 4 miles would be more than enough (especially considering the high heat and humidity).  We set out from the shop and ran 2 miles along the usual course before turning around.  After 43 minutes (43:15 to be exact) we had made it back to the shop.  Congrats to Abbey on her first long run!!  We took about nine minutes to get Abbey settled and to grab a drink of water before Adam and I set out for a second four-miler.  Rather than taking the same route, we set off running east on Boston Street before turning north.  The worst part about this run was having to choose between shade and (lack of) hills – most of the time I endured the hills to be in the shade.  It was hot.  We finished the run and made it back to the shop in 43:05.  How about that for consistent pacing?  Not too shabby!  In total, we ran the 8 miles in 1:26:20.


Overall, this was a busy week with lots of running.  I won’t have access to the gym again until week 29, so I really need to figure out a good way to cross-train.  Walking and swim-kicking are a start, but I would likely benefit from some yoga and real swimming.  We’ll see if I can work those in (once I get back home from my travels abroad!).