Week 23: workouts

Compared to last week, this week was slow.  It all started Monday when I woke up sniffling and sneezing.  I still don’t know if it was just allergies or a mild cold.  In any case, I was feeling groggy.

On Monday I had an 8:15am appointment, so I took the day off to rest.  It worked out well following my long run the day before.

On Tuesday I joined Adam at Lake Montebello for another 5k run.  It was a little warm, but definitely cooler than last week.  I set a good pace at the beginning and slowly upped the pace as a the run progressed.  By the end my heart rate was pushing 190 which is on the high side for me.  The data is shown below.  The total time for this 5k run was 26:39.  I felt pretty good at the end of this run and spent a good amount of time stretching while Adam did his own run.


On Wednesday I went for a 1.5 mile run around Hampden.  The weather was cool and damp, but my asthma was giving me a hard time.  It didn’t make running impossible, but it did make it more uncomfortable.  I was glad to be done after the 1.5 miles.  The total time was 14:20.

On Thursday I took the day off once again to rest my legs.  I would have liked to spend some time in the gym, but it was still closed for maintenance.

Friday was my last day of running this week.  Adam and I traveled over the weekend to his race in Cambridge, MD (read about it here), and afterwards I had to pack for my trip to Denmark.  I did a usual 5k route to the north and finished in 30:14.  I’m writing this in retrospect, so I don’t know exactly how I felt during this run.  (I didn’t make a note at the time.)  The data is a bit sporadic.  I do know I felt slow for most of this week, but I’m not sure if this run in particular was intentionally easy or unfortunately hard.


Such was my last week of workouts before my trip abroad.  I managed to finish some good runs, but didn’t make time for any cross-training.  Something to work on, I suppose!