Week 24: workouts

Hello, again!  This week marked the start of my month-long visit to Denmark for work.  Sunday night and Monday morning were spent packing and taking care of last minute details.  Naturally, there wasn’t much time for a morning run, though I could have worked this in if I had tried.  My flight left Baltimore (two hours late) at 3pm and I spent my three-hour layover wandering around JFK looking for a place to sit and transferring between terminals (due to multiple gate changes).  Really, I welcomed the opportunity to stretch my legs before the long plane ride.  The second flight was also delayed for over an hour, but we finally arrived in Copenhagen at 11am local time (5am my time).  I didn’t sleep well on the plane, but I felt relatively functional during the rest of the day (now Tuesday).  With all of the traveling and the lack of quality sleep, I felt that I lost much more than just the six hours of the time change.  Once I arrived to my new home, I spent some time unpacking my bag and making a trip to the local grocery store, just around the corner.  I didn’t eat particularly well during the travel, so I made myself a salad for late lunch.  By six o’clock I had nothing left to do, so I decided to go out for a run.  I donned my running gear and set out to find a path along the nearby beach.  I had no such luck.

run-tueI found myself running down very short streets with limited line-of-sight so I turned back early and ended up running along one of the main streets in the area.  It was lined with shops and there were a number of people who were blocking the sidewalks.  It wasn’t the best route, but I did get to see a bit of the neighborhood.  My asthma was acting up a bit, and I felt pretty dehydrated.  I also felt some acid reflux which was likely due to the salad I finished an hour earlier.  Considering my jet lag and new surroundings, I was happy that I merely finished the run.  Overall, I finished the 5k in 30:52.

Wednesday was my first day at work, and I successfully navigated the walk-train-bus-walk public transportation route to the office.  Everything went very well at work and I spent most of the evening cooking so I would have leftovers for the rest of the week.

On Thursday I wasn’t motivated to wake up early to fit in a run before work, so by Friday I was due for another run.  I woke up at 6am and set out on a route I had identified the night before.  The sunrise was around 4:30am, so there was plenty of light by the time I started.  The weather was perfectly cool (in the upper fifties) and my legs were feeling fresh.  The route was easy to follow without many major intersections.  I even passed a CrossFit near my turn-around!  I felt like I was running at a decent pace, and I managed to finish the 5k in 28:22.  I pushed hard during the run, but I felt great shortly after I cooled down.

The plan for the weekend was to go on a walking tour of Copenhagen on Saturday, then do my usual long run on Sunday morning.  Unfortunately, the plans had to change.  Due to uncontrollable circumstances, we had to (at the last minute) reschedule the tour for Sunday.  I skipped my long run for the week, but over the course of the weekend I walked close to 25k around the city.

Here are two segments of our walking adventure from Saturday (8.3k of the estimated 15k total):

sat-walk-0    sat-walk-1

I wore my watch during the walking tour on Sunday to keep track of the route (3.2k of the estimated 10k):

sun-walkEven though I didn’t run too much this week, I’m happy with what I did accomplish.  I successfully transitioned to my temporary new home, settled in at work, and managed to see a lot of the city during the weekend.  By next week I should be back on track!