Week 30: workouts

I have some exciting news this week!  We have a new addition to our household – his name is Wesley (with eyes like the sea after a storm) and he’s a Focus Cayo Evo 6.0.  I also invested in a sweet Twenty20 kit and real cycling shoes that directly connect to the bike.  The picture below is from the end of our first ride together, on Friday morning of this week.

IMG_20130726_083054-001On Monday morning I took a rest day to recover from a difficult long run the day before.  When Twenty20 Cycling opened, Adam and I dropped by to take Wesley for a final test run to make sure he was the bike for me.  Sure enough, the ride was just as I remembered it, so I made the big purchase and rode Wesley home before heading to work for the day.

Tuesday morning I was on the road by 6:10am so I could get a good 5k run in before I had to head to work.  It started to rain lightly as I set out and it was relatively cool compared to last week.  During the run I saw many more fellow runners than I do when I hit the road closer to 7am.  I ran the 5k in 28:24, along the same route as last week.  I felt really good about the run and happy I was able to get to work early without skipping a workout.

Wednesday morning I was not so lucky.  I had to finish a last-minute presentation for work so I didn’t make the time to work out.

On Thursday I made it back to the track for the first time since week 22!  I always slightly dread going to the track since I know it will be a tough workout, but I feel so accomplished when I’m done that it’s worth it in the end.  The plan was to run 4 x 1000m then 4 x 200m after a 3/4 mile jog and drills for warm up.  I rested for 90s between the 1000m intervals and 60s between the 200m intervals which is shorter than I’ve done in the past.  Here are my times:

  • 4:48  (7:43 min/mile)
  • 4:51  (7:48 min/mile)
  • 4:51  (7:48 min/mile)
  • 4:50  (7:47 min/mile)
  • 0:47  (6:18 min/mile)
  • 0:47  (6:18 min/mile)
  • 0:48  (6:26 min/mile)
  • 0:47  (6:18 min/mile)

Adam ran his 1600m and 400m intervals while I ran my 1000m and 200m, and we finished with a barefoot lap for cool down.  This was a hard workout for both of us and it was incredibly rewarding to finish strong together.

fri-bikeOn Friday morning my calves were very sore and my quads were hurting a little bit, too.  When Adam returned from his swim he offered to take me out for an easy bike ride to help my calves recover.  I took Wesley out for the first time and cautiously mounted the bike with my clip-on shoes.  With Adam’s help I was up and riding in no time.  Being attached to the bike wasn’t nearly as scary as I imagined it would be.  We spent a little time riding through Druid Hill park before we hopped on the beautiful Jones Falls Trail which took us up north through the Clipper Mill area.  The weather was perfect and the scenery on the trail was beautiful.  I really couldn’t have asked for a better morning.  The pace was very easy and we ended up covering about eight miles in an hour (with a max speed of 18.3 mph).  On the way home we hit a couple very steep hills which got me out of the saddle, but I thankfully didn’t have too much trouble.  We passed Twenty20 on the way, and stopped to take a picture (shown above) to commemorate my first ride with Wesley.  It was a fun ride on a beautiful morning, and I’m grateful to Adam for letting me crash his recovery ride.  Eventually I’ll be able to keep up with his recovery pace, so we can do this more often!

Saturday was a pretty quiet day for me.  Adam did a tough 50k bike and 12k run in the morning, and by the afternoon he was sufficiently tired so as to go for another bike ride with me.  This is a little trick I learned when I first started running: tire Adam out beforehand so he would be happy to go my pace.  We made plans to meet Adam’s brother, Shane, to go for a ride before dinner, but as the day wore on the sky filled with dark clouds.  It rained a bit and threatened to ruin our plans, but we eventually made it out for an easy ride through some quiet neighborhoods.  We covered 9.5 miles in 55 minutes (max speed 20.2 mph).  During the ride I played around with shifting (when and to which gear) and just tried to get a feel for how Wesley handles.  It was great having Adam and Shane there to keep an eye out for traffic and to keep me from getting lost.  Plus, they just make it fun.  Oh, and I saw ponies, goats, and two deer during the ride!  Not too shabby!


sun-run-2On Sunday Adam and I decided to stick around Remington for my long run.  I made sure to drink a full glass of water beforehand and I didn’t feel thirsty, so I thought I’d be good to go.  Not so much.  My muscles were more fatigued than I had imagined and I felt more like an old man trudging down the street than a strong young runner.  We ran south along the Jones Falls trail so the route was very downhill on the way out.  At the two mile mark I settled on five miles total, and at the three mile mark my goal became “get home without stopping”.  Twice during the run we barely avoided running under an overpass with a passing freight train.  Those trains are incredibly noisy and undoubtedly powerful so standing underneath them is a little unnerving.  By the end of the run, I was exhausted.  Now I guess I know what it feels like to be fatigued.  In the end we finished the 5 miles in 55:31.  I was pretty wrecked for the rest of the day, too, (exhausted with headaches) and I forced myself to down some extra salt and sugar which helped a bit.  I’m glad Adam was there with me during the run and during my recovery, and I really don’t know how he does it after a tough week of his own workouts.  He’s really the best.  This run was (unfortunately) another reminder of my limits, so I’ll just have to take it a little easier next time and pay attention to my body, but, despite the discomfort, I still enjoyed it and I’m looking forward to doing it again sometime soon!sun-run