Week 32: workouts

This week I managed to get a few good workouts in before I left home for a two week vacation with lots of driving time.  Adam qualified for the USAT age group national championship race in Milwaukee (read his race report here) so we planned to combine that trip with some family visits in (every corner of) Michigan.

Monday morning was my usual lifting routine.  I found the perfect weight for everything but my back with is often a challenge since my forearms tend to give out before my back muscles.

tue-runOn Tuesday Adam ran his pre-race “remind my legs how to go fast” workout.  After an eight minute warm up, he ran a 5k at race pace and I ran 2.2 miles in roughly the same amount of time (19:12 for me @ 8:46 min/mi pace).  One mile into the run my legs found their groove and the running felt really good.  I felt the inclination to fall back into that groove again during my barefoot lap for cool down.  Clearly my legs were prepared to run farther.



Wednesday we were back at Lake Montebello for more cycling.  To prepare for the upcoming race, Adam practiced his transition by repeatedly cycling a lap then running a couple hundred meters.  I didn’t expect to have much time so I opted for a sustained pace rather than intervals.  I did nine full laps (12 miles total) before a cool down lap with Adam.  The effort was moderate with an average speed over 17 mph.


Thursday began the many days of driving and visiting with family so I didn’t complete any more workouts this week, through I suppose I could have done so if I’d make an effort.  After many long months of consistent training, it was nice to have a little break.