Monthly Archives: November 2013

Week 42: workouts

This was a busy week at work, but I still managed to get some good workouts in.

On Monday I went to Meadowbrook to lift weights while Adam swam.  I did an eight minute warm up on the erg machine and covered an imaginary 1500m.  I like the machine to warm up, but it’s not something I could do for a very long time.  The lifting routine was the same as always – definitely in need of some inspiration.  It was a good workout that left me feeling refreshed and not exhausted.

Monday night I stayed up later than usual, but I still managed to haul myself out of bed for a swim on Tuesday morning.  They finally closed the wall at Meadowbrook so it was reasonably warm inside.  I did 200m warm up, 100m kick, 50m one-arm, 50m catch-up, 150m-100m-50m twice with 100m kick in the middle, and 100m backstroke for cool down.  My abs felt tired from the day before.  My breathing wasn’t too hard and I felt good in the water, but my form still needs a lot of work.

I stayed up late again on Tuesday, so I opted to sleep in on Wednesday morning.

Thursday morning I went for a 2 mile run around the neighborhood before work.  I must not have been well hydrated, because heartburn was just killing me.  I felt fast at first, but I quickly hit a wall and had to cool it.  Sadly, I can feel that I’ve lost a lot of muscle.  I’ll need to work back up to my running fitness from early summer.

Friday morning I rested.

On Saturday I went for another 2 mile run around the neightborhood.  It wasn’t any easier, but I’m still miles ahead of where I was when I first started running, so I know I can get back in good running shape if I put my mind to it.

Sunday was another day of rest for me during this relatively easy workout week.