It’s shocking to me that for the vast majority of my life, I never stopped to think about one simple but all-important question:  Where does my food come from?

Who produces it?  And how?  As far as I was concerned, there was nothing unreasonable about a gigantic store stocking every food item under the sun – always available – and why not?  We live in an advanced world where food could be grown thousands of miles away then shipped to my local store for my convenience.  If the economics make sense, then the system makes sense.  Add to this the fact that for the first eighteen years of my life my mother made all the decisions about what to buy at the store and what to cook.  Going to college changed the setting, but didn’t do much to help me with this question.  I ate in the dining hall, so the food was provided and I simply made my selection.  An apple was an apple and that was it.

Granted, I did consider whether my food could be considered healthy, but by “healthy” I limited myself to aspects like sugar and fat content, cholesterol, whether it contains caffeine, etc.  I rarely if ever considered what my choices were doing to the environment – or whether the food production system was possibly endangering my health by adding growth hormones or by genetic modification.  Looking back, I think I chose to ignore what I knew because it would be inconvenient to change – it would take effort.  Ignorance was my escape and my excuse for inaction.

Well, now I’m choosing to be informed and to hold myself accountable.  I’m going to make my food decisions based on all the things that matter to me: my health, my happiness, and my relationships (because we all know it’s impossible to separate food and our social culture).  There have been a few things already that have made a difference in the way I eat – to read about these in my posts, click here.