To give you some perspective: I only really started running in early 2012.  Before that the most I had run in my life was the two miler we were forced to run in gym class once or twice.  I absolutely dreaded the mile and was convinced I just wasn’t made to run.  Well, now I know better.  I’m slowly learning that running is something I can do, something that most anyone can do with a little patience and perseverance.

Adam, my fiancé, was the one who introduced me to running.  He’s been an impressive athlete for most of his life, so it took me a while to relate to what he said.  Even though I lifted weights and occasionally hopped on a stationary bike at the gym, I never considered myself an athlete.  I exercised to stay healthy, but I knew I wouldn’t excel in sports.  After about six months of prodding, I finally agreed to go out for a run with him.  My first run with Adam (and first outdoor run) was a hellish 5k on March 1, 2012 that took us from campus up a steep hill to Druid Hill Park.  My asthma was acting up and I felt like I could barely breathe, but I kept going and somehow managed to finish – something I never would have done if I were just running alone.

Now I’m working to build a solid base by running more often and to improve my speed with interval workouts.  I’ll post with any updates or notable workouts since I’m sure it’ll be fun to look back on these a year from now.  To see these posts, click here.

Race PRs:

  • 5k – 25:14 at the Special Operations Memorial Day 5k  (05/27/13)

Workout PRs: